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"My daughter gets sick very easily so I'm always worried about reusing the same sippy cup after it's been sitting around for a while. I love that I can clean her cup before each use. And I use the wipes to keep germs off everything she drinks or eats with. Super smart idea."
Max S.
Dad (Daugher 4)
"This product has become a staple in my house. I take it everywhere with me and never have to worry about having clean bottles or sippy cups. As long as I have a water bottle - I can clean on-the-go, wherever I am! I love it. Wish it was invented sooner!"
Jody R.
Mom (Daugher 3, Son 1)
"I don't have all the usual baby cleaning supplies at my house so FizzWizz makes taking care of my grandson very easy. I can keep his bottles clean throughout the day until his Mom comes to get him without all the effort of scrubbing or running it through the dishwasher."
Mildred H.
Grandma (6 Mos Grandson)

FizzWizz All-Natural Cleaning Tablet and Wipe Solution
for baby bottles, sippy cups and more!

FizzWizz effervescent tablets let you clean baby bottles, sippy cups, water bottles, sports bottles and other reusable containers – quickly and easily with just water. Drop in a tablet, add water, and shake. It’s that simple. Watch the grime—and your stress—fizzle away in less than one minute. Pediatrician-approved. Made with only food grade ingredients.

Safe, non-toxic FizzWizz Cleansing Wipes quickly cleans pacifiers, bottles, nipples, cups, teething toys and any items babies put in their mouth. Made with 100% food grade ingredients.

Use together for a complete on-the-go cleaning solution.

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