Frequently Asked Questions

What is FizzWizz?

FizzWizz is a pediatrician-approved tablet and wipe solution for busy parents. Made with only food grade ingredients, FizzWizz allows you to safely and easily clean baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, and just about anything that your baby might put in his or her mouth. FizzWizz is the safe way to clean.

What are the ingredients in FizzWizz?

FizzWizz is made with only food grade ingredients. Please see the chart below for the full list.

Official NameDerived From:
Citric acidCitrus Fruits
Sodium BicarbonateBaking Soda
Sodium Percarbontehydrogen peroxide
Sodium CitrateCitrus  Fruits and Salt
Magnesium SulfateSalts
Sodium Lauryl SulfoacetateVegetable and Fruit extraction
Microcrystalline CelluloseWood pulp
Stearic acidNatural acid derived from vegetable fats

What is FizzWizz's mission statement?

Our mission at FizzWizz is to be the leading provider of on-the-go and at-home cleaning products. We aim to provide a cost effective, environmentally friendly, all natural and safe cleaning alternatives to the standard harsh chemicals used to leading cleaning products.

What is the FizzWizz 30 Day Guarantee?

We are confident that you will LOVE FizzWizz. However, if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase of FizzWizz, you can return it within 30 days for a FULL refund! No questions asked. To begin the refun process, simply follow Amazon’s Return Policy and Guidelines.

What is the shelf-life of FizzWizz?

The wipes have a five year shelf life.  The tablets have a long shelf life as well, but the effectiveness of the tablets begins to diminish after 2 years.

What does 'natural' mean?

No synthetic or petrol-based products are used to make FizzWizz. Our tablets are made with premium food grade, plant or salt-based ingredients only.

Is FizzWizz eco-friendly?

Yes! FizzWizz uses all-natural chemicals that do not harm the environment.

Can I purchase FizzWizz wholesale?

Yes, we have wholesale pricing options. Please contact for more information.

What kind of containers can FizzWizz be used on?

FizzWizz can be used on just about any type of container with a sealable lid. Baby bottles and sippy cups are just the beginning! Try it out on a water bottle, sports drink, cooler, protein shake container, travel mug, or even a grimy pan. Have fun with it – what can you clean today with FizzWizz? We know how busy you are. Let FizzWizz make your life easier!

Will FizzWizz work if I don't follow the directions?

FizzWizz recommends following the instructions found on the product to ensure an effective clean. When using FizzWizz, be sure the tablet dissolves completely before rinsing. This will give your container the thorough, fizzy scrub it needs.

Where can I purchase FizzWizz?

Currently FizzWizz is only sold through Click here to view the product on Amazon today! Hopefully, FizzWizz will be available in retail stores soon! Tell your store managers about how much you love FizzWizz!!

Can I return FizzWizz?

We're pretty confident that once you try FizzWizz, you won't want to live without it. But if you want to return FizzWizz for any reason, please follow the Amazon's Return Policy and Guidelines to receive a prompt refund. 

How do I become a FizzWizz retailer?

To become a FizzWizz retailer, please visit our Become a Retailer page or email us at FizzWizz representative will respond within 24 hours.

Will FizzWizz provide a product donation for my upcoming event?

FizzWizz would love to be a part of a community event! If you are interested in partnering with FizzWizz for your upcoming event, please contact A representative will respond to discuss the type of event, if it aligns with the mission and vision of FizzWizz, and other sponsorship details.

Have more questions?

Do you have additional questions or feedback to share with us? We'd love to hear from you! Please email to get in touch.

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