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Like so many parents out there, these two moms are jugglers. We juggle kids, work, the gym, and all the other stuff in between. We even juggle entertainment—a day at the park with our families, cheering on our little ones in dance class, grabbing pizza on Saturday or out on the soccer field on Sunday afternoons. All the while, there are baby bottles, sippy cups, and water bottles galore needing to be cleaned – sometimes on the spot. Of course, with all those nooks and crannies, stains and odors still linger – sometimes even after a run through the dishwasher.

Yuck and double yuck!

It got so overwhelming that we found ourselves tossing bottles out. If we needed a clean bottle while we were out and about, we had to buy more! Who has the time? Or the money? That’s when we came up with the idea of FizzWizz cleaning tablets and surface wipes.

We invented FizzWizz because we knew how important it was to save time and save bottles. Of course, as loving parents, we wanted to make sure our little ones are not exposed unnatural or harsh chemicals found in most cleaning products. We also wanted to make sure this cleaning product could be used whenever and wherever. That’s right: We have them by the kitchen sink, in the glove compartment box in the car, and in our purses. The small bottle can even fit in your pocket—but with thirty cleaning tablets, it packs a big punch.

FizzWizz really is a smarter way to clean. We invented FizzWizz for us and for you. We love our time. We love saving money. We love our kids. And we know you feel the same way!

– Sana & Layla

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